Why Choose Us?


      Local 713’s representatives and staff have one thing that most unions do not have, and that is a background in business.

      It is this knowledge that gives Local 713 the edge over many of the other unions.

      Because of our knowledge in both business and labor we of Local 713 know the job we need to do for our members, as well as how the business owner will think and react before hand.  A rare and valuable combination to better serve you, our members.

      We are labor professionals and it shows in everything that we do in our dealings with our members.


What Do We Have to Offer?

      Safe, effective organizing
Our seasoned staff of multi-national speaking organizers will take you through the process one step at a time, answer all your questions and eliminate the fear.

      Excellent contracts
A team of professional contract negotiators experienced in labor law, that can together with a committee of your co-workers, get you the wages, benefits and working conditions that you and your co-workers ask for.

An experienced business agent will be assigned to you and your co-workers who will visit you at your place of work on a regular basis, as well as knowledgeable and courteous office staff who will deal with your phone calls. (Se habla espanol.)

      Medical and Retirement Benefits
Are dealt with by Local 713’s Health and Retirement Plan specialists who are trained to handle claims and questions regarding our full range of health benefits and Annuity Fund issues.

      Legal Department
Local 713 has on retainer, for your benefit, law firms to help you in your job related problems that can be solved from the Union’s intervention.

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