What is Your Responsibility as a Member of The Union?

First, let's be clear, the Union is not a business.  The Union is YOU, its members.  The Union has no other source of income other than the support that comes from its members in the form of dues.  In that regard, you may think of it as a Fraternal Club, but you know it is much, much more.

In order for your Union to operate and provide you with the level of services that Local 713 provides, it must pay for the wages and benefits for the Unions's staff and officers as well as for its accountants, attorneys, office space, supplies, insurance policies, etc.  Please note this Local Union does not contribute to political campaigns.

What are Your Contributions?

Every member contributes on an average twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per month in Union dues.  Broken down that comes to eight-four cents ($.84) per day, or less than four cents ($.04) per hour). 

  • No hidden or increased fees
  • No assessments or fines
  • No initiation fee for those workers who are employed at the time that the initial contract is ratified and signed



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