What is a Union?  A union is simply a majority of employees who join together to better their work lives and take better care of their families

     In today's world, more than ever, workers need to join together.  Instead of one person asking for his or her share of the pie, by joining with others, employees can bargain from a greater position of strength and demand fair wages, better health benefits, and a retirement plan for the future.

     Under the employment at will  doctrine, the cornerstone of American employment law, in general terms, unless you belong to a protected group ( A Union), your employer has the right to discipline or terminate you for any reason...even a bad one...or for no reason at all.  That is why it is sometimes called the fire at will doctrine. 

      However, with a collective bargaining agreement you have the rights.  Management must have just cause for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee.  You bargain over wages, health benefits, working conditions and a retirement plan for your future.  But, you bargain collectivelly with the strength that comes from a collective voice.

   IT'S ALWAYS wise to take full advantage of YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. 

  WITH A UNION, the employer must bargain and pay the wages negotiated.

  WITH A UNION, your rights on the job are spelled out and must be respected.

  WITH A UNION, you can stop abuses on the job.  The union can prevent unjust and unfair treatment by giving you representation on the job and the right to file grievances if you are treated unfairly.

  WITH A UNION, you can negotiate for better holiday pay, vacations, health and welfare benefits, and job conditions.

  WITH A UNION, you have greater security on your job.  Company management cannot fire you without good reason and they must respect your length of service if there are layoffs.





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