What Do We Do? 

    1. Educate those who may be uninformed so that you may become aware of your rights   regarding organizing under the law and how to go about it, legally and safely.

   2.  Communicate to you how it is possible to improve, preserve and protect your job, its  benefits, conditions and wages. (It is safe to do, and well worth the effort.)

       It’s your job that provides you with the income that supports you and your   families…..make it the best it can be with a union contract.

   3.  Break the chains that bind you to an at-will employee position with your employer.

   Being an at-will employee, under the law, means that you have a job, as long as the boss  feels like keeping you there.  In other words, you are employed “at the will of the employer.”  You can be fired for any reason, or for no reason, because you are employed “at will”.

       There’s only one way that you can protect yourself from the whim or will of the employer-have a contract.  Those who work under a contract are not at-will employees.  They are protected by the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.  This includes protections from arbitrary firing.

    4.  Move you up the economic ladder; this helps everyone, you, your family, business and the economy of our country.

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