There are two things you can do when management pushes for more and more production and at the same time ignores the problems and needs of its employees.  If you are not happy working for an insensitive company, you could alwas leave and try to get another job; or, you could stay and try to improve working conditions.

It takes a lot to stay in an unhappy situation and to try to improve it for the betterment of all your fellow workers.  You don't however, have to fight the Company alone.

Time and time again, it has been proven that collectively you can prevail.  The Company is more likely to pay attention to a group of you who are united behind a common goal than to anyone of you alone (unless, perhaps, you happen to be the boss's son!)  Joining a union and having  union representatives who are experts in negotiations and contract administration gives you a greater voice.  Your demands will not only be heard, they will be acted upon.

The more reluctant your Employer is to listen to its own people and to take your welfare into consideration, the stronger the Union must be to show that you don't like being misused, abused, or ignored.

The Union doesn't tell the Employer how to run its business.  But, the Union does make sure the Company treats you fairly.  You alone can't always make a Company change overnight its poor attitude about how to treat its employees.  But, you willingness to stand up, not only for yourself, but for all your fellow workers as well, should prove to the Company that you are still loyal to it while trying to make it an even better place in which to work. 

Join Local 713 I.B.O.T.U, for a better future.  You can show your Employer how to be more reasonable and responsive with a Local 713 contract.


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