Peter Hasho -  President, is husband, father of three, grandfather of seven.  He is a visionary in the Labor movement.  Knowledgeable, fearless, creative and tireless; with a strong business background.  He uses it all in the service of his members.  Growing up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan he quickly learned what it meant to work hard for a living.  A Korean War veteran, Peter has dedicated himself to seve his fellow man through his talents as a labor official.  He has moved up through the ranks in his forty plus years of Labor movement service first as an organizer and business agent, then Executive Board Member and Health and Welfare Administrator to the pension manager and secretary/treasurer to the Local Union president.  It can be said that because of his experience in holding every position that the Labor Movement has to offer, Peter knows how to represent his members inside and out.

 John Acevedo - John began his service to the Labor movement in 1968, with Local 118 and Joint Board 18.  He began first as an organizer, then as a business agent and later as the assistant to the International President of the Toy and Novelty Workers Union.  In 1995, John was Local 713's first organizer and business agent.  John's outstanding service record, dedication and experience has earned hinm the position of the Local's first Vice-President

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