History of Local 713:

          Local 713 I.B.O.T.U. was originally conceived in October of 1995 as an Independent-Amalgamated International Union.  As an International Union, Local 713 I.BO.T.U. issued charters to form other Local Unions.  Its jurisdiction had no limits and its members come from a wide range of unrelated industries. In 2016 Local 713 Became affiliated with the AFL-CIO
        Local 713 is registered with the Department of Labor and is acknowledged by the National Labor Relations Board as a Certified Bargaining Representative.  In 1998 the I.B.O.T.U. Health and Welfare Fund was formed which self funds several medical plans and has contracts with major insurance carriers, which allows for enrollment of members into several fully insured health care carriers such as, Cigna, Empire Blue Cross Blue, and Magnacare.
           In November 2007 Local 713 applied for the establishment of the Local 713 Annuity Fund. Which is currently in effect.  

            Today this Local Union’s membership is still very much diverse both geographically and industrially.  Local 713 represents employees in every conceivable type of business, including but not limited to  manufacturing, service and sales, clericals, skilled and semi-skilled crafts and construction trades, as well as a multitude of various kinds of vehicle operators, warehouse workers and home health care aides, to enumerate just a few.
            The main advantages of having a diverse membership is two-fold, one is the knowledge Local 713 gains by dealing with various industries which benefits its members when dealing with their Employers and their Attorneys the other gives our members a choice when they wish to change jobs. 
            Local 713’s mission is to improve the lives of our members and their families.  To give voice to their job related concerns, issues and complaints.  To promote democracy, human rights and freedom of speech within our Union and bring dignity, justice, and respect to their work place.  To protect our members from job related injustices and promote job safety and security.  To these ideals, this Local Union and all who serve pledge to its members in every trade, industry and vocations.  When our members speak Local 713 listens.
             Values such as truthfulness, loyalty, dedication and responsibility have long been in-bread into Local 713’s leadership, yet with an openness to learn and embrace modern technology and new ideas.  

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